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DIY Wooden & Metal Shelves

This weekend was the first in months that we had the weekend to spend at home (insert celebratory emoji here ** wahoo)! So we decided to tackle one of the items on our long to-do list – shelves for the kitchen!

I originally was interested in using strips of cowhide and a wood plank like you see here, but decided that it wouldn’t go well in my all white kitchen & possibly wouldn’t hold as much weight as we wanted. So we’ve added it on the to-do list for another room in our house!

Instead of the cowhide strap we made 3 raw wood shelves with spray painted metal L brackets. I think it’s a classic look with a pop of color & fits right in with the white kitchen. Basically, I love it!


  • 1 – 1″x8″x8′ wooden slab cut into 3 equal pieces, we used pine #northcarolina
  • 6 – L Shaped shelf brackets, we used these 10″x8″ brackets with the 8″ side on the shelf
  • 1 – can of spray paint + primer
  • Screws – we used a pack of these for one side of the brackets since they weren’t on a stud and we used #6 screws for the other side since we had a stud to work with
  • Small nails or metal tacks – I had some small black carpet tacks lying around that we used
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Yardstick/Ruler

The first step was to spray paint the brackets, so they could dry for at least 30 minutes while we marked up the walls. I wiped down all of the brackets with a wet dishcloth to get any dust off. Then I put on the first coat of yellow and second coat about 5 minutes later.


After they were dry we attached just the brackets to the wall, using the drywall screws and regular screws, through their top two holes. We used a level and yardstick to line everything up both vertically & horizontally.


We set the shelves on top and marked through the holes of the bracket on the bottom of the shelves, that’s where each tack would go. Once they were all marked, we removed the brackets from the wall and tacked them to the bottom of the wood with a hammer.


After all the brackets were tacked on we put them back up on the wall, now with the wood shelves attached!

IMG_0023 IMG_0025

Unfortunately we got too excited and I didn’t get a picture of the shelves empty. But here it is fully stocked with all the hipster things we could find in our kitchen. 😉


Starting with the top…… A flowering succulent, beer glasses & a small growler from a few of our favorite breweries, and a tea set!

IMG_0020 IMG_0021

Middle Shelf: Mason jars with sugar, flour, other baking goods, tea bags & stevia packets and a tea ball.


Bottom Shelf: Measuring cups, cheese grater, citrus squeezer & french press. We use these on an almost daily basis so the bottom shelf was perfect for these odds & ends that fit into cupboards awkwardly.


We have this great wooden shelving system that a friend gave me for my first apartment. It’s the GORM Shelving unit from IKEA, of course. It’s such a great shelf set up that fits in one a corner of the kitchen perfectly and serves as an open pantry for us.

GORM Shelving Unit

We decided to use metal L-shaped shelf brackets and 8″x32″ wood planks for the shelf. I just used the raw wood so our new wooden wall shelves would match with our open pantry. We picked up a can of flat yellow primer+paint spray paint for the brackets which pull in the yellow from this lovely piece of art work that Allen painted.


Well – I hope you enjoyed checking out our new shelves! We had a blast making them. If you have any ideas or end up making your own shelves, we hope you’ll share your fun spin and finished product with us.

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