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Easy Fall Decorations – Part 2!

If you haven’t already, check out my post on Easy Fall Decorations Part 1!

So here are a couple of adorable and simple Halloween/fall decorations I created this year!

  1. Corn kernels in vase
  2. Gold top painted pumpkins
  3. Home made fall door wreath
  4. Jack-o-lantern cans
  5. Gold Painted Frames with Fall Leaves

Corn Kernels in a Vase

This is such a simple idea but it can be a very subtle fall decoration.
IMG_0526 copyIMG_0524 copyIMG_0523 copy

Grab a bag or can of popcorn from your local grocery store and get to work filling up some vases, bowls, jars, or whatever you fancy! This would be nice with candy corn too!


Gold Top Painted Pumpkins

For a full tutorial on this look here.

IMG_0557 copyIMG_0561 copy

I used mine in a vase on the center of our table. But I love these little guys! They are so adorable!

IMG_0565 copy


Homemade Fall Door Decor

IMG_0568 copyIMG_0570 copyIMG_0574 copy

All you need – I hit the AC Moore sale btw…:
  • Cinnamon Broom – AC Moore $3.99
  • Red Burlap Ribbon – AC Moore $2
  • Floral Wire – I used 26 Gauge Silver Floral Wire that I already had
  • 2 Berries floral pieces – $1.50 each
  • Wooden Leaf wall hang – $10 although it was on Sale for $5 a few weeks later
I stuck the two berry pieces into the upside down broom, attached the wall hang with the wire and covered the wire with the red ribbon. It took about five minutes!

Jack-O-Lantern Cans

IMG_0563 copyIMG_0549 copy

These are a bit of a pain to make, but all you have to do is grab a nail, hammer, some black paint or spray paint, and a tin can. I only did one because I ran out of time. But I think it would be cute to have “trick or treat” spread out on 3 cans – what do you think? How could it not be awesome!

Gold Painted frames with Fall Leaves

You’ll find the full tutorial on these here. But this is pretty simple as is.

IMG_0541 copy

I didn’t have many leaves around the neighborhood to choose from, so I used a little glitter paint to spice these leaves up. For the background I grabbed an old book and pulled out some pages and cut them to fit. Super simple, yet cute!

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