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Easy Fall Decorations – part 1

I could sit on Pinterest for hours and look at easy fall decorations for inspiration, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time! Here’s part one of the simple and cute fall decorations.

Dried Wheat On Display
IMG_0318-2 copy

I love this look! If I would have planned ahead of time I would have snagged some wheat in the fields on the outskirts of where I live but instead I grabbed a 55% coupon to AC Moore and picked up two bundles of dried wheat for $4.99.

IMG_0317-2 copy


I had this red satin ribbon at the house and used the twisty tie to keep the bundle tightly together. I attached it to the stairs with the red ribbon which covers the twisty tie.

IMG_0319-2 copy

IMG_0314-2 copy

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