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GE 3D Gift Printing

So I had to share something pretty awesome with you guys. If you don’t know already, part of my job is to manage businesses social media accounts so I use this as my excuse to be on top of the latest social media trends. The most recent one I stumbled upon today was on Mashable which had a video that linked to GE’s #3DPrintMyGift tumblr page.

I like to take part in these types of things to further research the way brands interact with consumers, this story about Pace Picante Salsa is a funny example.

So GE ended up responding to me and here is our conversation:

Pretty awesome if you ask me, I’m excited for my 3D printed cat charm. Oh, I love cats! :)

I’ll be back shortly with a few new craft tutorials – custom built vanity/console table hand painted mint & gold, gold painted coffee mugs, transform your fall wreath into a christmas wreath, and a few more!

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