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Gold Fall Frames with Leaves

I had some old frames lying around that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them. I almost made them into earring holders but found better frames to make those instead (tutorial coming soon!). Clearly I went searching on pinterest when I finally came across something this post that inspired me!

I’ve seen several different ideas that use fall leaves on display in a vase or frame. I loved the idea and went searching for leaves around my house. Unfortunately I only found brown leaves around, no bright red or orange colors. I ended up using some orange and red glitter paint by Martha Stewart to add a little bit of flair to my leaves.

I had these old plastic frames I bought at Target that looked similar to this. They didn’t match each other, or anything I owned anymore. So I roughed them up with sand paper and took some gold spray paint to those bad boys. I love gold spray paint if you can’t tell. I set them aside and let them dry over night.

My original idea was to use this red hemp ribbon I had as the background, I thought it would add a bit of color to the brown leaves. But it didn’t work out well and I didn’t like it at all. Here’s what they looked like:

IMG_0527 copy

I grabbed an old book and repurposed a couple of pages as the background for my cute glittery leaves. I could easily replace these leaves with fake leaves if I wanted.. but I’m not sure how I feel about fake leaves…

IMG_0539 copyIMG_0541 copy

I think they turned out just great! What a fun and easy fall decoration.




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