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Simple Gold Painted Pumpkins

I love gold spray paint…. Who doesn’t love gold painted pumpkins?

What You’ll Need:

  • little pumpkins (grabbed mine for 50 cents each at a pumpkin patch!)
  • painters tape (or any tape really)
  • gold spray paint

Wipe down/wash the pumpkins as best you can.

IMG_0544 copy

Tape the pumpkins, about halfway down, all the way around creating an even line, as best as possible.

IMG_0545 copy IMG_0546 copy

Outside or in a well ventilated area spray paint your pumpkins, be careful not to get gold on the other half!


IMG_0550 copy IMG_0551 copy IMG_0552 copy IMG_0553 copy


Let you pumpkins dry thoroughly and remove the tape.
Behold – beautifully (half) painted gold pumpkins.

IMG_0559 copy

IMG_0560 copy

IMG_0561 copy


I put mine in a large vase and put them on my table!

IMG_0565 copy

Super simple, yet elegant fall decoration. Super cheap too!


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