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Gorgeous Succulent Displays

I’ve developed a slight obsession with succulents this year. I’m not exactly sure why, but it could be from unsuccessfully starting a garden in the fall (my townhouse just doesn’t get enough sunlight!) or just the fact that some combination of succulents can look absolutely gorgeous and require very little attention to maintain.

There are so many varieties of succulents and countless ways to display them. Below are a few that gave me inspiration on how to display mine.


This, to me, is a beautiful display. I love the pebbles and the subtle color differences, this image is what initially inspired me to plant my own!


At is a cute planter made from a wooden sugar mold from Mexico that she picked up at her local flea market. Displaying succulents in a wooden box could also do the trick here. I think the combination of colors makes for a beautiful display that will look beautiful for any season.


Over at there is a tutorial for displaying faux succulents – but I think this would look great with real succulents also. The painted pot she has is adorable or you can check out my painted pot tutorial here.


Over at I stumbled upon her instagram account and found this gorgeous display in a tiny mason jar. @tawwni says – “you guys, i’m not sure if this is common knowledge or not but, if you have plants in something with no drainage holes, like mason jars, tea cups, or baby food jars like this one, mix some sand with the potting soil and the plants will do great! (even without rocks in the bottom.)”


At there is a DIY tutorial from 2010 that is excellent. Jamie goes into great detail and has beautiful photos to walk you through the process. I’ll be making one of these soon and I’ll link it from here! Until then, check out their tutorial. It’s awesome!


These are some beautiful ways to display your succulents in glass. I’ve got a few wide base vases I’ll be trying this out in. You can really have fun with layering different textures beneath the succulent to make for an even more eye catching display.
And above you’ll find my own succulent display! I found that great pot at TJ Maxx for $8 & the succulents I picked up at a local nursery. I think I’m going to add some pebbles on the top of the soil to really make the colors pop.

Propagating Succulents

Here are a couple of posts I came across that go into detail about propagating succulents, excellent detail in both of them and easy to understand!


Over at”> you’ll find a great site with tips, tricks, and inspiration all things succulents. Check it out!


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