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Painted Chair Legs
Painted Chair Legs
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Paint Dipped Chair Legs


I bought a table on craigslist a few months ago. Just a simple white table that I knew I’d add my own creative touches to. I’m eventually going to re-cover the seats. For now though – just putting boots on chairs!

This is a super simple craft and requires only a few materials. In fact, I had all of the materials around my house and didn’t have to spend any money – I love free crafts!

Acrylic paint – in the color of your choice.
Painters Tape
Clear Coat – this is optional but recommended so the paint lasts longer.
Paint or Sponge Brush

For easy painting I put my chairs upside down on top of my table. Start by wiping off the chair legs so they are free of any debris or stains.

Tape off an even line around each leg. Be sure you don’t have any gaps in your tape.


Grab whatever color you want to use and paint the legs! Let your first coat dry a few hours or overnight and touch up with a second coat.


After the paint has dried remove the painters tape and check if your lines are straight, touch up with a small paint brush if needed.Apply the clear coat and once it has completely dried your new chairs are ready to rock!


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