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Super simple DIY Earring Holder Frame

If your organizational skills are anything like mine, your jewelry is probably scattered throughout your room in numerous places, including the floor and shower. Oh… It’s not? Well this is embarrassing…. To help solve my problems I made some adorable frames into earring holders that now hang beside my mirror and above my vanity.


what you’ll need:

  • picture frame of your choosing
  • 1/4″ wire netting from lowe’s or any home improvement store
  • staple gun
  • scissors/wire cutters
  • hanging hardware
  • hammer

Last time I went home I raided my moms stash of frames in the garage and found two matching Pier 1 frames in the mix. They are perfect for this project because they have an inset border (see below!) on the back, which is great because it keeps the back of your earrings from smashing up against the wall. Luckily they were already painted a color I liked. The frame also already had staples holding the current picture in place, so I used a flat head to bend them up & take the photo out.

IMG_0330-2 copy

I found this wire netting at Lowe’s near the chicken-wire outside. It was $9 for a 25′ x 2′ roll. I used 1/4″ square netting but you can get whatever size works for your frame. I placed my frame on top of it to measure the size. The wire is a little hard to work with, so some help is always nice! Once I cut the wire I fit it in the inset border on the back of the frame to cut off any excess wire netting.

If you don’t already have something to hold the netting in place (like the staples mine had) you can just grab your staple gun and secure the netting from the back.

After attaching some hanging hardware (which your frame may already have) my frames were ready to go!

IMG_0329-2 copy

And – Finished project!

IMG_0332-2 copy

  • find a cheap frame, stop by your local thrift store and see if you can find anything
  • when looking for a frame look for an inset border on the back
  • you can use a frame with a back stand but most are attached to the backing, you’ll have to attach the back stand a different way for it to be successful

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