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DIY Wooden & Metal Shelves

This weekend was the first in months that we had the weekend to spend at home (insert celebratory emoji here ** wahoo)! So we decided to tackle one of the items on our long to-do list – shelves for the kitchen! I originally was interested in using strips of cowhide and a wood plank like you see here, but decided that it wouldn’t go well in my all white kitchen & possibly wouldn’t hold as much weight as we wanted. So we’ve
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Valentine’s Day Printable Back in the fall I spray painted some gold frames and put fall leaves in them. Well, I wanted to be able to reuse those frames all year! Over Christmas I snagged a Christmas printable online and replaced the leaves with some cute holiday cheer. For Valentine’s day I thought it would be cute to have those sweet heart candies as a picture in the frame, so I set out to make some! Here’s the link to
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If your organizational skills are anything like mine, your jewelry is probably scattered throughout your room in numerous places, including the floor and shower. Oh… It’s not? Well this is embarrassing…. To help solve my problems I made some adorable frames into earring holders that now hang beside my mirror and above my vanity. what you’ll need: picture frame of your choosing 1/4″ wire netting from lowe’s or any home improvement store staple gun scissors/wire cutters hanging hardware hammer Last
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If you haven’t already, check out my post on Easy Fall Decorations Part 1! So here are a couple of adorable and simple Halloween/fall decorations I created this year! Corn kernels in vase Gold top painted pumpkins Home made fall door wreath Jack-o-lantern cans Gold Painted Frames with Fall Leaves Corn Kernels in a Vase This is such a simple idea but it can be a very subtle fall decoration. Grab a bag or can of popcorn from your local grocery
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I had some old frames lying around that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them. I almost made them into earring holders but found better frames to make those instead (tutorial coming soon!). Clearly I went searching on pinterest when I finally came across something this post that inspired me! I’ve seen several different ideas that use fall leaves on display in a vase or frame. I loved the idea and went searching for leaves around
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I love gold spray paint…. Who doesn’t love gold painted pumpkins? What You’ll Need: little pumpkins (grabbed mine for 50 cents each at a pumpkin patch!) painters tape (or any tape really) gold spray paint Wipe down/wash the pumpkins as best you can. Tape the pumpkins, about halfway down, all the way around creating an even line, as best as possible. Outside or in a well ventilated area spray paint your pumpkins, be careful not to get gold on the
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I had this awesome vase that I filled with sea shells I collect, but it wasn’t very practical to just be sitting around in my small living room. So I went on a mission to make it into a lamp! You’ll find the original post to create the faux cork here! This is the post that inspired me to make mine into a lamp! What You’ll Need: The basic lamp kits that you buy at Lowe’s and you may need a
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I could sit on Pinterest for hours and look at easy fall decorations for inspiration, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time! Here’s part one of the simple and cute fall decorations. Dried Wheat On Display I love this look! If I would have planned ahead of time I would have snagged some wheat in the fields on the outskirts of where I live but instead I grabbed a 55% coupon to AC Moore and picked up two bundles of
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