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12 Sweet Valentine DIY Crafts & Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air, stores are stocked with candy, and little kids hearts are pounding while they decide on which valentine card is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for their crush.


I’ve never been the one to go ‘all-out’ on Valentine’s day but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some great valentine themed crafts. I’m excited to grab only an appetizer and a dessert (we’re crazy! I know!) this valentine’s day since I don’t think I can convince my darling to start a tradition of watching Nicholas Sparks movie’s on Valentine’s day……

Here’s a compilation of some great Valentine’s Day Crafts & Gifts. Enjoy!

1. Candy Heart Printable – Crafts & Brews

A great printable you can find right on my blog!

2. Burlap Heart Table Runner – Etsy, LifeofaCaptainsWife

This is an adorable table runner I came across on Etsy. I also think it be easy to recreate this if you wanted to! But $11 isn’t a bad deal.

3. Candy Filled Mason Jar – Etsy, AlohaCakesbyAndrea

I’ve always wanted to use the tiny mason jars for something. What a sweet way to use them! I think this would make a cute coworker gift.

4. Button Egg – Auntie Lolo Crafts

I know this is more for easter. But since the picture has pink buttons it got me thinking… what an easy way to have a decoration last through several holidays! I love decorating and hate putting decorations away, so here’s a great example of not having to put it away as soon! Who wants to put away a cute button craft too soon anyway?

5. I<3U Pop-out Card - Peach Dumpling

I came across this a long time ago, but I love it! We used to make pop-out cards in art class in high school. I think this is a really fun card and easy to do if you have an x-acto knife laying around.

6. Heart Tree – adiyproject

What a cute way to dress up some simple twigs. I love this it’s cheap, easy, and absolutely adorable!

7. Valentine Bird Feeder – Wine and Glue

I’m always looking for a way to feed the birds in style. These little birdseed hearts are adorable, and delicious for the birdies!

8. Printable Valentine Cards – Pumpkins and Posies

Head on over to her website to grab these adorable cards!

9. Decorating with candy – The House of Smiths

I love these pink, red, and white gum balls. What a cute way to decorate with valentine colored candies!

Valentines day

10. Love Bug Valentines – dandee designs

But aren’t these Love Bug Valentines THE CUTEST. So stinking adorable.

11. I “CHEWS” YOU VALENTINE CRAFT – All for the Boys

These are so awesome! Can’t you just see anybody running around with these and “chews”ing people to be their valentine? I’m definitely making going to be making these to hand out.

12. Orange Crush “I have a crush on you!” – Boxwood Clippings

THIS IS MY FAVORITE. that is all.

So there you have it! 12 Valentine Crafts & Gifts to make everyone happy in your house and on your list! These are all simple crafts and I hope you each take the time to enjoy some valentine crafting with a loved one this Valentine’s Day!

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